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Belasco о Belasco!
In early 2005 this success culminated in the band signing a singles deal with Vertigo/Mercury (Razorlight, Thirteen Senses) and recorded two singles – "Something Between Us” and "Chloroform”. On its release, "Something Between Us” again receiving plaudits (the Guardian making it Single Of the Week) and the bands darker than dark video – produced by Nick Walters was playlisted on MTV2 UK. The video is also one of the first music videos added to the I-tunes new video purchase store in the US. Unfortunately the band had a bad experience with Mercury (one of many small bands shown the darker side of the major labels) and the deal ended acrimoniously in early 2006. Ironically 2006 has seen the band stepping up to the next level. The band had tracks added to the Hollywood film "Incubus” (starring Tara Reid) and EA Games Fifa Soccer 2007 video game. The bands music also featured several times on huge US show One Tree Hill. The Virgin/EMI compilation album "Alternative Ballads II” (released in Germany in early 2006) features Belasco’s "Breathe” alongside songs by Blur, Athlete, Radiohead and Nick Cave. Throughout 2006 the band has also been working on new album "61”. By far and away their most accomplished album to date, the album is the perfect showcase for the belasco sound – from gentle introspective acoustics ("Finest Things” and "Lawman”) through to driving epic rock ("The Earth” and "Swallow”). From inventive structures and melodies ("Butterflies”) to classic hard edge rock songs ("Joseph Conin” and "On A Wire”). The album was produced by up and coming young talent Richie Kayvan (who has worked with the likes of Owen Morris (Oasis) and John Cornfield (Supergrass)) and mastered by the legendary Tom Baker (Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails).
As front man Tim Brownlow says – "This record is us finally capturing what we are all about – our sound. We have previously been talked into over complicating our music. "61” is just us – voice, guitars, bass and drums. It rocks…”
Rock indeed it does. A British rock band at their very best – powerful, emotive and unique…..
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