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Belasco.De о группе Belasco!

There is a common misconception amongst music fans. That is that a band get signed, the band record and release a record and the band has success in direct relation to how good that album is. If only it were that simple… The Belasco story is one of twists and turns and is set to finally delver what the band deserve with the imminent release of new album "61” in early 2007. The band formed in 2000 and after only their second gig they signed to hugely well respected indie label Splendid/City Slang (Lambchop, Wheat). The debut album "Simplicity” was produced by Charlie Francis (REM, Turin Breaks) and released to critical acclaim in the UK in 2001. Uncut magazine declaring Belasco "have bigger songs and bigger ambitions than the majority of new guitar acts. Watch out Coldplay!”. While Coldplay can still rest easy, Belasco have achieved a huge amount over the past five years. They have sold over 30,000 records across the world. Played gigs across the globe (150 in 2003 alone) including European festivals such as Isle Of Wight (UK), Haldern and Bochum Total (Germany), Alive (Belgium) and Music In My Head (Holland) with the likes of PJ Harvey, Cardigans, Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, Bright Eyes and Patti Smith. The band have released three more records through various independent labels – "Technique” in 2002, "Knowing Everyone’s Okay” in 2003 and 2006’s best of "Something Between Us” – and recorded with the likes of Fulton Dingley (Kula Shaker, Gomez, Placebo) and the legendary Hugh Jones (Bluetones, Echo & the Bunnymen and Hope Of the States). The band received critical and commercial acclaim across UK and Europe , releasing in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Australia, Norway and Finland. The band also showed their commercial appeal – being playlisted across huge Australian networks Triple J and Triple X. The hugely influential Nic Harcourt from Morning becomes Eclectic, KCRW also picked up on the band and played several songs in the US.

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