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Из истории Belasco!

Hi all, Just a quick note at the beginning of 2008. The band have been busy sorting things for this year. Early 2008 will see dates across Germany throughout February and March. See live section for details. The band hope to be confirming a load of european festivals in the summer of 2008 also. There are still plans to get out to Australia, France, Portugal and Spain also - more news to follow. "61" will also finally get a UK release - probably April 2008 time. There will be some select UK gigs also - definitely a London show (and hopefully some supports also). Tim, Bill and Duff are also starting to work on new material - expect this to be showcased throughout 2008. Plans are to record in late 2008 for a new album in early 2009. Would love to tell you what direction, but the band don't know yet!

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